Serious power to your hearing

The P Series from Puretone is designed to satisfy all your hearing needs by offering a complete and updated product selection. Whether you are a first-time user wanting a cosmetic solution, an experienced user prioritising strong features or those looking for a powerful solution, you can rely on the P Series.

P Series Products

P Series – 1200

Boasting a wide range of features for a first-class hearing experience, including speech focused directionality and wireless compatibility.
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Wireless Devices

Connect your hearing system direct to your phone, TV, computer or sound system with 1200 & 680 wireless devices. Sound just got easier.
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P Series – 680

Great sound quality, high performance in noisy environments and excellent durability. Wireless technology allows adjustments to be made remotely.
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P Series – 660

Normally found in more expensive devices, P660 offers improved feedback manager, adaptive noise reduction and advanced directionality options.
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P Series – 640

Reliable, easy to use suite of digital devices that offer a great listening experience including feedback management, at a very attractive price.
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Hearing protection for P Series

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