Relaxation Tinnitus Therapy Ball – Bundle Pack

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Naturcare Relaxation Tinnitus Therapy Ball aids tinnitus sufferers in getting a restful night’s sleep by playing digital recordings of real, natural sounds. Relax naturally to the sounds of heart beat, calm sea waves, rippling brook, gentle rain, night woods, white noise or birds, and let the stresses of the day just drift away. Relaxation sounds for tinnitus, stress relief and meditation on a digitally recorded microchip. Simply switch on your chosen sound and turn off the stress for 30 blissful minutes! The Relaxation Therapy Tinnitus Ball also promotes a good night’s sleep, aids meditation, tinnitus – even use in the office to tune out disturbing noise to help you concentrate.

Runs on 4 x AA batteries or Included UK Mains Adaptor (worth £14.99).

Product Features:

Choice of 7 digitally recorded sounds: heartbeat, sea waves, brook, birds, woods, rain and white noise.
Aids stress relief and meditation.
No tapes or moving parts to wear out.
Built-in 30 minute timer.
Supplied With 4x AA batteries.


Included Sounds:

Heart Beat

Sea Waves




White Noise




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