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The Pureclean Cleaning Cup was designed for use with Pureclean Cleaning Tablets, used regularly they can easily remove earwax accumulated through normal wear.

Supplied individually, the The Pureclean Cleaning Cup used with Pureclean Cleaning Tablets, is designed to effectively clean earmoulds. Pureclean Cleaning Tablets when dissolved with water, in the Pureclean Cleaning Cup it become a very powerful cleaning solution able to dissolve earwax in just 30 minutes of soaking. Once soaked the earmoulds simply need to be rinsed in water then dried using an air blower or spray, making sure not to leave any water in the tube or inside the earmold before re-assembling with the hearing device. The cup is reusable and easy to clean between uses. We strongly recommend to completely clean the earmold at least once a week.

The Pureclean range of cleaning, hygiene and maintenance products includes 7 essential products for maintaining in-ear devices, including a cleaning spray, anti-bacterial wipes, comfort gel and a dehumidifying system, The Pureclean range was developed as a cost effective and high performance solution for all hearing aid and in-ear device users to effectively clean and maintain their devices.

Key Features
• Reusable cleaning cup.
• Easy to clean.
• Use weekly for best results.



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