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Puretone is proud to be the audiologists’ choice for expert hearing care accessories, having won the annual AIHHP Golden Lobe Awards Best Accessories Provider 9 times since it started in 2007.

Our accessories and equipment range is the largest in the UK, and we update it constantly so you can rely on us to bring you the very best and latest products on offer.

For our Trade customers, the full trade catalogue including price lists can be found here: https://www.puretone.net/professionals-area-software-and-resources/accessories-catalogues/

Visit our Trade Shop to search our catalogue of over 1,000 products. If you can’t find what you need contact us and we’ll do our very best to source the item for you, at a competitive price. Order online and/or in bulk, and you qualify for exclusive discounts.

With Puretone, quality and performance is guaranteed.

Accessories by Category

Examination & Impressioning

Everything you need for examination and taking ear impressions including impressioning material, syringes, foam blocks, earlights, otoscopes, speculi and domiciliary cases.
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Tubing, Tips, Earmoulds & Hooks

View our range of earmould tubing, hearing system tubing, tubing tools, general purpose ear tips, generic earmoulds, and BTE earhooks.
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Maintenance & Hygiene

Our maintenance and hygiene range includes wax removal sprays, conditioning units, ear lotions, earmould cleaning solutions, brushes and tools.
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Batteries & Testers

We sell hearing system batteries, battery testers and tools, and general purpose batteries to keep hearing equipment in working order.
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Shop Display

For a wide range of point of sale equipment including shop window displays and models, product presentation cases, presentation pouches and dummy models.
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Audiological Equipment

Our specialist diagnostic tools including audiometers, testing equipment, video otoscopes, earphones and headsets, and accessories.
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Assistive Listening Devices

We sell a wide range of assistive listening devices for different situations including alarm clocks, telephones, television listeners, personal listening device and loop systems.
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Tinnitus Therapy

Sleep sound therapy devices including sound generators, pillow speakers and eye masks, as well as in-ear and behind-the-ear white noise generators.
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Noise Protection

Expert noise suppression devices for sports and workplace, from universal fit ear plugs, ear defenders and earplug filters to our specialist CENS electronic shooters’ earplugs.
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General Accessories

For everything else including bone conductors, general accessories, hearing aid retainers, custom ITE accessories, open fitting tips and wax guards.
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Tools & Manufacturing

A comprehensive range of general purpose tools and manufacturing equipment for testing and inspection, soldering, adhesion, cleaning and lubricating.
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3D Printing

Everything you need for 3D printing custom-moulded ear shells, including 3D printers, printing materials, software, accessories and scanners.
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Earmould Lab Equipment

All the lab equipment necessary for the manufacture of earmoulds including silicon materials, silicone lacquers and other earmould manufacturing tools.
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    Trade News

    Day 23

    Daily Deal – DAY 23! Omnitex 3ply Premium Type IIR Disposable Face Masks now 45% OFF! Today only. Enter code ‘DAY 23’ at checkout. Shop here now.


    Daily Deals to celebrate 45 Years of Puretone!

    From tomorrow we will be posting Daily Deals to celebrate 45 Years of Puretone! Keep your eyes peeled ? #HereTodayHearTomorrow

    Inventis REM Workshop

    Do not miss the opportunity to register for an INVENTIS • Audiology equipment REM Workshop on June 28, and collect potentially interested leads afterwards! Register here. #HereTodayHearTomorrow #REM

    Daily Deals start THIS WEEK!

    Daily Deals start THIS WEEK! Make sure you follow our page! #HereTodayHearTomorrow #45

    Dino-Lite Digital Microscopes

    Dino-Lite digital microscopes provide a powerful, portable and feature rich solution for microscopic inspection at up to 90x magnification. Explore the Dino-Lite range here.

    AIHHP 2018

    #TBT to AIHHP 2018 exhibition. Cannot wait until we’re back exhibiting and seeing all of you! #HereTodayHearTomorrow

    Earigator With FREE Cart

    With the Earigator, nurses and clinicians are fully capable of safely and efficiently removing even the most stubborn ear wax. Now with a FREE cart with all Earigator purchases! Find out more here.

    3D Ear Organs Wall Display

    This 3D ear organs wall display is ideal for teachers as well as students, a perfect addition to any audiological learning environment. Find out more here.

    Bionix Range

    View our extensive range of irrigation and wax removal products from Bionix here.

    Inventis Triangle Portable Screening Audiometer

    INVENTIS • Audiology equipment Triangle Portable Screening Audiometer is a lightweight, battery-operated screening audiometer which has the capabilities of automatic and manual pure-tone audiometry exams. Find out more here.