ER-20 Music Earplugs (Pair)



ER-20s provide a inexpensive and effective solution to noise protection. Made from soft silicone, these generic noise suppressors fit any ear and provide an attenuation of 20dB while still allowing the natural sound of the environment to be heard. Standard un-filtered noise plugs generally reduce high frequencies more than others, making voices and music sound unclear. Because ER-20s are a flat response earplug they closely match the ear’s natural frequency response, minimising the loss of high frequencies when performing.

Ideal for clubs, concerts and noisy working environments, ER-20s are supplied with a key chain case for easy storage, and if maintained regularly can last for many years

ER-20s are available in the following sizes:

Standard | Clear
Ideal for most adults

Small | Blue
Ideal for small ear canals and children.