Asiga Max UV 3D Printer

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The Asiga Max is the world’s most advanced lab 3D printer offering exceptional productivity in a small footprint.

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Smart Positioning System (SPS)
Asiga’s Smart Positioning System (SPS) is a series of positioning encoders that read the exact position of the build platform during every layer approach. This ensures that the next layer is exposed/formed only once the build platform target position has been reached. This is the first step in ensuring each layer is formed accurately.

Internal Radiometer
An internal radiometer actively monitors LED intensity during every build ensuring the correct light exposure is delivered for each layer.

High Power UV 385nm LED
Why 385nm UV LEDs? 3D materials cure faster at deeper UV wavelengths (385nm) reducing XY scattering and over-cure. The result is consistent accuracy, production reliability and the ability to process water-clear materials.

Small Pixel & Accurate Pixel Placement
Pixel size and pixel placement are crucial for reproducing digital data accurately. For audiology, we recommend pixelsizes between 60 – 80 depending on application.

Precise Material Curing
Our Open Material System allows for any suitable material to be printed. Material curing parameters for each material are generated by Asiga ensuring materials are cured accurately for repeatable results.

4K Mode
Using pixel shifting technology, Asiga’s 4K mode reduces the pixel size to increase part accuracy and resolution without impacting build area or printing time.

Open Material System
Over 380 optimized material profiles available via the Asiga Material Library online.Fully Open – print any suitable material from any manufacturer

Single Point Calibration
Calibrate printer in under 60 seconds

30 Second Material Change
Change-over materials in less than 30 seconds with no calibration required

Auto Power-Off
Energy saving mode and auto-recovery

Environmental Control
Onboard heater for reliable performance

Remote Access & Control
Streamlined integration into your digital workflow

Touch Screen Display
For greater user convenience

System Specifications
Build Volume X, Y, Z: 119 x 67 x 76mm.
Pixel Resolution: 62μm
Technology: DLP
Software: Asiga Composer software. (Lifetime updates included)
File inputs: STL, SLC, STM (Asiga Stomp file format)
Network Compatibility: Wifi, WirelessDirect, Ethernet
Power requirements: 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz, 2.0A MAX
System sizing: 260 x 380 x 370mm /16.50Kg.
Packed sizing: 410 x 500 x 480mm / 19Kg.
Warranty: 12 months manufacturers warranty
Technical support: Unlimited lifetime technical support included

Bundle includes
3D printer, Composer software, 1Kg Asiga material, 1L build tray, Asiga Flash post-curing chamber, calibration toolkit

***Special Order – non-returnable item (except under warranty)***

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