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Today’s hearing aids are smarter, more discrete and offer greater comfort than ever before.

We offer a wide range of hearing solutions and our highly skilled team of technicians use state-of-the-art sub-miniature technology to manufacture many types of hearing aids from basic analogue devices through to fully programmable digital systems.

Every model in our hearing aid range uses proven technology to create highly adaptive hearing devices that can handle any situation.

You can find out more about hearing aids and specialist hearing devices from Puretone by visiting our product range pages.

Hearing Aids - Technology

P Series

The P Series from Puretone is designed to satisfy all your hearing needs by offering a complete and updated product selection. Whether you are a first-time user wanting a cosmetic solution, an experienced user prioritising strong features or those looking for a powerful solution, you can rely on the P Series.
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DAC Series

Featuring 6 levels of technology, the DAC range of hearing and tinnitus systems provides high-end technology, usability, comfort and competitive pricing. The range includes a selection of digital custom-made devices designed to fit exactly into your ear, as well as behind-the ear and open fitting models.
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The most common type of hearing aid, suitable for all types of hearing loss and size preferences. These instruments fit comfortably on the ear and provide sound through an custom earmould. Behind The Ear models (BTE's) come in a range of analogue and digital models.
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Specialty Devices

These instruments include body worn hearing aids, spectacle aids for people who wear glasses, headband bone conduction systems. Also available is the TransEAR system for single-sided deafness.
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Hearing protection for Hearing

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