Never missing a cue

Great presenters make the job look effortless.

This doesn’t just require great skill, it relies on effective and discrete communication with production staff and crew to keep the action on track at all times.

Rely on us when you’re on-air

We supply and manufacture a range of custom and standard earpieces specifically designed for broadcast presenters and used by all the major broadcasters.

One look at the list of professional artists and presenters that use Puretone’s custom, standard or Invisi Loop earpieces reads like a Who’s Who of TV and Film, including the casts of blockbusters Mamma Mia! and Les Miserables.

Clearer and louder talkback is enabled via high quality medical grade silicon tube from an audio receiver directly into the ear, which is extremely comfortable and discreet to wear. Sound levels can also be controlled by the user for added comfort and reassurance.

Communication Products

Inductive Receivers (IR)

Performers’ inductive earpieces for discrete, crystal clear and comfortable audio, as used by professional artists in Mamma Mia!, Les Miserables and more.
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Presenters Moulds

Generic and custom earmoulds for presenters that deliver sound into the ear via a flexible silicone tube making them extremely comfortable and discrete.
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    Trade News

    Day 23

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    Daily Deals to celebrate 45 Years of Puretone!

    From tomorrow we will be posting Daily Deals to celebrate 45 Years of Puretone! Keep your eyes peeled ? #HereTodayHearTomorrow

    Inventis REM Workshop

    Do not miss the opportunity to register for an INVENTIS • Audiology equipment REM Workshop on June 28, and collect potentially interested leads afterwards! Register here. #HereTodayHearTomorrow #REM

    Daily Deals start THIS WEEK!

    Daily Deals start THIS WEEK! Make sure you follow our page! #HereTodayHearTomorrow #45

    Dino-Lite Digital Microscopes

    Dino-Lite digital microscopes provide a powerful, portable and feature rich solution for microscopic inspection at up to 90x magnification. Explore the Dino-Lite range here.

    AIHHP 2018

    #TBT to AIHHP 2018 exhibition. Cannot wait until we’re back exhibiting and seeing all of you! #HereTodayHearTomorrow

    Earigator With FREE Cart

    With the Earigator, nurses and clinicians are fully capable of safely and efficiently removing even the most stubborn ear wax. Now with a FREE cart with all Earigator purchases! Find out more here.

    3D Ear Organs Wall Display

    This 3D ear organs wall display is ideal for teachers as well as students, a perfect addition to any audiological learning environment. Find out more here.

    Bionix Range

    View our extensive range of irrigation and wax removal products from Bionix here.

    Inventis Triangle Portable Screening Audiometer

    INVENTIS • Audiology equipment Triangle Portable Screening Audiometer is a lightweight, battery-operated screening audiometer which has the capabilities of automatic and manual pure-tone audiometry exams. Find out more here.