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PureCell Batteries From Puretone


Puretone are pleased to introduce PureCell, a range of ultra power, premium zinc air, competitively priced hearing aid batteries.

The PureCell range comprises of:

  • 675 typical capacity: 620mAh
  • 13 typical capacity: 285mAh
  • 312 typical capacity: 160mAh
  • 10 typical capacity: 85mAh

PureCell batteries represent excellent value for money. These batteries are manufactured to a very high standard and initial customer response has been outstanding.

PureCell ultra power zinc air hearing aid batteries are specially designed to reduce sound distortion and provide longer life in high drain applications.

All Puretone custom ITE/ITC/CIC orders are supplied with a free complimentary pack of PureCell batteries as standard.


PureCell batteries

Rayovac Batteries


World leading manufacturer of hearing aid batteries.

Rayovac Zinc Air
Available in packs of 6 or 12.
Up to 17% more power and up to 10% more mAh.
4 year shelf life.
Available in size 675, 13, 312 & 10A.


Rayoravc batteries

Activair Batteries


ActivairŽ batteries offer excellent performance and are suitable for all types of hearing aids.

Activair Zinc Air - 6 Pack

All ActivairŽ high power Zinc Air batteries have long reach easy fit tabs.

Available in size 675, 13, 312 & 10A.


Activair batteries

Battery Testers


Rayovac Battery Tester
Digital keyring-sized battery tester with storage compartment for 2 batteries.


Digital Battery Tester
Digital battery tester with LCD display. Simply lay a battery into the tray and slide upwards to test. Ideally sized to fit on a keyring.


Keyring Battery Tester
Red & black keyring battery tester with built-in compartment for 2 batteries.


Rayovac Battery Holder
Keyring sized battery holder. Holds approximately 6 hearing aid batteries.


Rayovac Battery TesterRayovac Digital Battery TesterKeyring Battery TesterRayovac Battery Holder





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