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Manufacturers of quality digital and analogue hearing aids, tinnitus management systems, in-ear monitors for musicians, earmoulds, swimplugs, noise protection plugs, and covert equipment for surveillance purposes. Suppliers of audiological, ERA equipment and accessories. Established 1976.




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In April 2006, Puretone took over the manufacturing and future development of the Audimed range of tinnitus devices and ancillary products from Audio Medical Devices Ltd.

This is yet another step in our expansion plans, which allow us to deliver to you innovate, high-quality digital products. Puretone still remains an independent British manufacturing company providing a great personal service.

Puretone are Europe's leading manufacturer and exporter of tinnitus relief products, with the range including generic fit, custom-made, behind-the-ear & desktop/bedside units.


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Generic In The Ear - Puretone generic tinnitus devices are made to comfortably fit without the need for an ear impression.  Available in 5 types, to fit different ear shapes and personal preferances. Each model is fitted with a volume control as standard, and produce a high quality, wide-band sound.

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Custom Made - These tinnitus devices are manufactured from an impression of the ear so it fits snugly,matching your individual ear contours. They may be made in a variety of sizes to fit in the ear or in the ear canal. Large vents are generally fitted so as not to occlude the ear. Each device will have a battery compartment and a volume control (with ON/OFF switch) allowing you to select a comfortable but effective level of sound.

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Behind The Ear - These BTE devices are a range of tinnitus systems incorporated into hearing aid cases, which fit neatly behind the ear. Three models of different sizes are available, each of which can be fitted with one of three frequency-weighted circuits. Each device will be fitted with a battery compartment, an ON/OFF switch and a user operated tone switch.

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Other Tinnitus Relief Aids - An range of other tinnitus devices are also available, including bedside noise generators for relief from tinnitus at night. Also available are desktop white noise generators and pillow speaker systems.

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