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Inventis was established in 2005 by a team of engineers with a strong experience in the development of devices and software for the medical doctors.
They developed a broad product line covering the fields of Audiology, Medical Video and Phoniatrics, used by a fast growing number of professionals worldwide.
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Inventis Piccolo
Piccolo Portable Audiometer

  • Small, lightweight and portable audiometer
  • Controllable though and Windows® computer or through an iPad®
  • Preforms air and bone conduction exams
  • Speech model also provides speech audiometry, including input for microphone
  • Controllable through Daisy or NOAH software
  • Free app available from Apple App Store when used with the iPad®

Inventis Bell
Bell Model Plus – Diagnostic Audiometer - With TDH-39 Headphones

Bell is a screening/diagnostic audiometer, capable of performing fast and accurate air and bone audiometric exams. Simple operation, a user-friendly interface and easy portability make Bell the ideal instrument for private clinics, multi-specialist clinics and occupational medicine applications. Bell is available in two configurations to suit different user needs: Basic and Plus.

The Plus model can perform bone conduction audiometric examinations in addition to air conduction exams. The instrument also provides an automatic exam function based on the Hughson-Westlake procedure.

Harp Model Basic


Harp Model Basic – Diagnostic Audiometer, Available With Integrated Thermal Printer

Harp is an advanced diagnostic audiometer, capable of performing fast and accurate air, bone and speech audiometric exams, including free field. Impressive features combined with ease of use make Harp the ideal choice for a wide range of users, from private doctors to hospitals and clinics.
At Inventis we see computer integration as a key feature in all our devices. That is why we have developed Daisy: modular software for storing and managing all kinds of ENT and audiology examinations.


Piano Model Basic


Piano Model Basic – Clinical Audiometer - Available With Integrated Thermal Printer

Piano is an advanced clinical audiometer featuring a complete battery of tests, including High Frequency, easily managed via the wide touch screen colour display. Advanced features, supreme flexibility and extreme simplicity of use make Piano the ideal choice for clinics and hospitals, as well as for professional practitioners who demand the very best from their instruments. Piano is available in two configurations to suit different user needs: Basic and Plus. The two models differ in terms of the number of tests provided. The Basic model provides manual and automated pure tone audiometry and speech audiometry, as well as ABLB, Tone Decay, SISI, Difference Limen Intensity (DLI), Monaural Loudness Balancing (MLB) and Stenger tests and includes a 2 channels Master Hearing Aid.



Delfino – Wireless Video Otoscope

Delfino is the evolution of the traditional otoscope: the small and ergonomic hand piece allows the operator to see, capture and store top-quality images of the ear canal. All this with the maximum patient and operator comfort, thanks to the wireless feature.

Endoscopic gradient-index optics • LED illumination • CMOS camera • Li-Ion battery, allowing two hours of uninterrupted use • Wireless video transmission system • Compatible with standard speculum.

Also Available:
  • Soft Carry Case For Bell And Harp Audiometers
  • Daisy – Software for the Patient Record Management – Package with installation CD and Operator’s Manual
  • ViP – Virtual printer (pdf) for Daisy. Includes Daisy CD and manual
  • Network licence for Daisy
  • Maestro module – Interfaces the Inventis audiometers to Daisy. Includes Daisy CD and manual
  • MediCam – Medical USB camera for video endoscopy
  • Extension cables (5M) for MediCam camera and footswitch
  • Visia module – Interfaces MediCam, X-tre, Oculus, Delfino, any DV source. Includes the USB footswitch, Daisy CD and manual



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