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Manufacturers of quality digital and analogue hearing aids, tinnitus management systems, in-ear monitors for musicians, earmoulds, swimplugs, noise protection plugs, and covert equipment for surveillance purposes. Suppliers of audiological, ERA equipment and accessories. Established 1976.




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Baz Choudhry


Baz Choudhry


I started with my father's company in 1985 (although I feel as if I was born into it). From a very young age I saw my father tirelessly toiling until late, with my mother by his side. I experienced the growth and development of the company, from the box room in our house to the attic, to a small shop, to various small industrial units to what it is now occupying two Units across 120002 feet.

When I joined there was a small team of about ten. I took to the work almost immediately with an in-built desire and skill. I worked my way around the company learning new skills all the way, from earmould and shell production to the finished hearing aid product.

It was truly a small family company with everyone helping in all areas. At this stage my background and education was varied with knowledge of commerce, electronics and my first love, which was computer systems and programming. In fact prior to joining my father at Puretone I was involved in running a small company retailing Computer Hardware & Software.


With this love and knowledge I decided to install the first PC at Puretone to manage the mailing list and produce the price list. Naturally my ideas were met with some degree of reservation. After creating my database and producing mailing labels I presented this to my father who I recollect gave a small smile. (It was technology he did not trust). I also enjoyed desk top publishing and this was the next on my list….. producing special offers and catalogues. By 1991 I had created a department specifically for DTP and marketing. My energies seemed to be directed in developing the company and establishing the name whilst at the same time reinforcing the infrastructure. During this time my father concentrated on product design and export, traveling all over the world to establish distribution and bring us to another level in our growth.

We now employee in the region of about 50 staff, and export to over 70 countries worldwide.

Some say that I have changed the company……….but possibly this is because it needed to change to survive.

My father started the company repairing hearing aids and then progressed to hearing aid design & manufacture. When we joined forces we decided to widen our product range and today we offer not only the above but also a complete range of accessories, batteries, earmoulds, audiological equipment, covert surveillance devices, communication systems and even products for musicians and presenters.

I believe as a manager today I have needed to be more diplomatic and open to suggestions from my staff. My father was a natural leader and manager. Having built the company from scratch he had no choice but to fall into this position. I decided that I would like to learn more about management, as my job was to eventually lead many more staff. I decided to study a Diploma in Management Studies (DMS), and later went on to study Advanced European Management. At this stage I also had behind me experience in Hearing Aid retail having passed my Hearing Aid Council exam in 1990.

My father always said he was working for his family and this certainly is good motivation.






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